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EASA Southeastern Chapter This is the website for yet another day job (at various times and various places)
Urban Legends Reference Pages As a writer, I'm always looking for interesting things to think and maybe write about.  I go to the "recent additions" page here almost every day.
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership A good organization actually dedicated (as their name says) to preserving firearms ownership.
The Drudge Report This is my home page, where I start every day.  I get a leg up on the news, as well as leads on stories that you will never hear in the "mainstream" news.  I also see lots of weird, interesting and bizarre stuff too.
Ann Coulter's Column My favorite columnist, and one of my favorite writers.  She has amazing insight and a biting wit that I relish.  I think she's pretty hot, too.   One day, when I'm rich and famous, I will no doubt wind up on some talk show with her.  Then, she will call me "college drop-out Ray Paden" and I will be shattered.
Art Restoration Center There is an interesting story behind this link, and how I found it.   I'll tell it here.

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