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Welcome to my website. 

For years this website served as sort of a "catch-all" of blogs, opinions and random thoughts that passed through my brain, but now that circumstances have channeled my efforts into my writing career, I'm going to use it to serve more as an introduction to my writings. If you saw something there before and would like to read it again, just contact me by email and I'll see what I can do. I almost never throw anything away. Just look at my office.

Email me at:  ray@rkpaden.com


What I Write (and why)

I don't write "traditional" Christian fiction, and sometimes it's not "Christian" fiction at all. I prefer to think of it as fiction that (usually) just happens to be written from a Christian or "biblical" worldview, and that can sometimes make things difficult as the author tries to tell a story. Take language, for example. In case you haven't noticed, lots of people today use bad language, and I'm not referring to their grammar. A writer trying to tell a story with even a slight resemblance to reality must confront this fact and deal with it. Some might resort to the old dash-dash method. "Hey, you have s--t on your shoe!" To me, that's silly, because the same word is still created in your mind--wasn't it? Others might gloss such words over. A cop pointing his gun at the vehicle where the armed suspect is sitting might yell, "get your rear end out of the car now!" Really? Or, the author can just avoid such dialogue altogether...and either restrict his subject matter to only the most pure of people and subjects (sorry, but that would be some very boring fiction) or leave the world of our reality far behind. The same dilemma applies to sexual activity. Don't write about it at all? Gloss it over? Dash-dash it somehow? I don't claim to know what others should do, but for language, sex and everything else, I prefer to just write it all out there just as I see it happening in the story. Okay for Almost Mature Readers means there will be some coarse or vulgar language and some "adult" situations, but nothing very graphic. Intended for Mature Readers means that there may be coarse and vulgar language, adult situations and relatively mild depictions and discussions of sexual activity. Intended Only for Mature Readers means all of that plus fairly explicit depictions and discussion of sexual activity. I don't want to offend anybody! If you are offended by such language or reading about sex, you probably should not read most of these works. You should buy them, just don't read them!



Published Works
copies are available. Just contact me via email.
Intended for mature readers

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Lynn West is married to a faithful man of God and has everything that she ever wanted. Everything, that is, except for her heart’s deepest desire, something God has denied her and no man, apparently, can give to her. Nevertheless, she continues to do her duty to God and to her pastor husband, determined that Daniel will never stray because his needs were not met at home. But it is not the pastor for whom the Evil One has laid his snare.

Most people think that Arthur Coleman is a fine Christian man, a “pillar of the church.” Yet in the service of his secret master, he weaves a net of sorcery, seduction and murder to lure Lynn into his web. Hearts will be broken, lives shattered and blood spilled, but in the end, will the devil’s scheming serve his own ends, or those of the One to whom the pastor’s wife truly belongs?

The Pastor's Wife is not my first novel, but it is the first I self-published, and it took decades (literally) to make the decision to give up in my search for that mythical creature, the literary agent. I just finished (and published) a major revision to the book that starts the story a little quicker than before. A slow start was one of the only complaints/suggestions I received about it. Another was the sort-of sad ending, but I couldn't do anything about that.

Intended for mature readers

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Print and Kindle Versions

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NASA engineer Calvin Eubanks is successful, proud and agnostic, but he is depressed as he dwells upon the futility of Man’s attempts to escape the cradle of earth. The speed of light is a limiting factor that cannot be overcome, and the distances between star systems are just too great. Perhaps there is another way, another step beyond “science” as we know it, and Dr. Eubanks has been chosen by the alien being Tolbert to receive this knowledge and lead mankind to the stars. But in order to overcome the laws of the rational universe, Dr. Eubanks must learn to call upon the Powers of the irrational upon which it is founded and accept that the concepts of right and wrong are no longer relevant for him. As he does this, he will confront mysteries and terrors that will push his mind to the borders of sanity and beyond.

Tolbert has much to teach his ambitious student, but are these skills new, or something older than mankind and darker than the farthest reaches of the universe?

As you might guess from the description, this one is a very dark tale of good versus evil, with a very old evil masking itself as something new. When I started writing it, I had an ending in mind that was also very dark and very sad, but as I got there, it didn't happen that way.


Okay for almost mature readers

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An old man leads his grandson to a secret cache of contraband firearms and the consequences follow the boy throughout his life. A mural with alarming implications is found at an archaeological dig on Mars. A robotic miner buried beneath a mountain is recovered eight centuries later. A rural police sergeant is plagued by a recurring nightmare that may be a warning . A woman makes a disturbing point in an argument with a friend. A man visits a brothel where medical technology and greed break down society’s last taboos. A miraculous revival breaks out in a death camp. A rare book leads a curious academic into horror and madness. A quiet evening at the magician’s club erupts into pandemonium with a demonstration of real magic. These tales and more in this collection of short stories and novellas by the author of Sundown at Coffin Rock.

Includes the previously unpublished third and final installment in the Coffin Rock series.

Most of the stories in this book are very tame, and some are quite suitable for young readers...but there are a few that probably aren't. That's one of the problems with trying to put together a "collection" when one writes so many different types of stories.

Sundown at Coffin Rock
was my first published work. It was printed in the Dillon Precision Products Blue Press in 1994 and reprinted in 2009, with its sequel, Sunrise at Coffin Rock. These stories were very popular, and they are reprinted (with permission) in hundreds of very diverse sites on the Internet, and someone even made a short film published on YouTube. The final and previously unpublished installment in that series, Reflections of Coffin Rock is included with this anthology. The publication of Coffin Rock was really the impetus that kick-started my writing career, and I will always be thankful to Dillon and editor Mark Pixler for that nudge.



Okay for everyone! Non-Fiction

Sharecropper, Solder, Son of the King:
The Memoirs of Howard Raymond Paden

These are the memoirs of my father, Howard Raymond Paden, who passed away November 1, 2014. Dad was one of the finest men that I ever knew, and as I worked on this book, I could not help but be humbled, reflecting on the difficulties that life presented him from his earliest moments, his childhood, his experiences in World War II and his return to civilian life. Dad's testimony touched the lives of many others, but especially those of his family.

This is not a long book, and most people will be able to finish it in two or three sittings, but there are many old photos that open a window into life in a bygone century, when times were much simpler, and much, much harder.

I do not take credit as author of this one, of course. It was dictated by my father, transcribed by my sister and then edited by both of us. I did the photos and other images (picking, scanning, cropping, enhancing, PhotoShopping, etc.) the book layout, cover design and publishing on CreateSpace.com.

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Same price, but I make much more in royalties if you buy your print version from CreateSpace!


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