Okay, why didn't I ever finish college?

Except for one brief period in my life, I always hated school.  When I graduated from ACA in 1975, I didn't want to be anywhere around anything that even remotely resembled school.  I went to work for my dad, but after a couple of years I became restless.  I felt that the Lord had called me to preach, but rather than follow the traditional path for men among my circles who found themselves in this position (sell everything you own and head for Tennessee Temple University) I kept my job and enrolled at Baptist University of America.  My old principal Ed Beatle* put in a good word for me at BUA, but they took me anyway "on probation."  BUA was located in Dekalb County, and was not too far from my place of employment.  With my favored position at the company, I was able to attend several classes during the day (although the first class of the day required me to leave my house in Henry County at 6:00 AM!) 

I took my first real grasp on English Grammar from Professor Jaquot. (Name not changed)   He was a great teacher, and in his English Composition class I got a fresh taste of the joy of writing.  Then, in Professor Barkev Trudeau's* English Literature, I almost learned to hate it.  For the first half of the semester, we studied Nathaniel Hawthorne's House of the Seven Gables.  For an entertaining read, I don't recommend it.  During a class discussion Dr. Trudeau stated, "so, Judge Pincheon was murdered by Clifford."  I raised my hand and politely pointed out that, according to the book, an inquest had found no evidence that Clifford had anything to do with the old judge's death.  He glared at me for a moment and then repeated himself.   He called me up after class and said, "let me remind you that I am the teacher, and that I have a Ph.D.!"  At mid-term, I had a C-average.  The only thing from mid-term to end was a term paper, on which I made an A+++.  He couldn't write enough good words on that term paper.  My final grade for the year?   It was a C.  In disgust, I withdrew and helped my father build his house.






*Names changed

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