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My name is Raymond Kimberly Paden.  I doubt that anybody really wants to know all that much about me, but I've tried to make the grim truth entertaining (in some small way.)  Anyway, this is my website, and I have to put something here.  So click the button labeled Biography to read the story of my life.  Although it is greatly abbreviated, some readers will probably start to doubt that by the time they get to the end.  Even so, I have to note that I have left a lot of stuff out, so if you belong in here and you didn't get mentioned, please forgive me.   Also bear in mind that I am constantly working on this website and on my story.  [That's a joke!  I almost never get to work on this.  The only reason I am doing it now is that my server no longer supports FrontPage extensions and I have to rework everything.]

There is one event of my life that deserves a special place in my biography, and I will include it here

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